Why Geothermal Heating and Cooling Works in Arizona

If you live in Arizona, you know that keeping your home comfortable in the warmer months can be a challenge. The Arizona heat is constant and intense, and can lead to daytime temperatures of 110 Fahrenheit—or more. That is why you need a heating and cooling system that works with the climate, not against it. A traditional air-exchange cooling system works better in areas where the difference in outside and inside temperature isn’t that extreme. In Arizona, that usually isn’t the case.

That is why a new type of system, hybrid geothermal heating and cooling, makes more sense if you live in Arizona. Using the steady temperature of an underground water reservoir, a geothermal hybrid system exchanges heat from the indoor air into the water, resulting in a much more efficient transfer of heat. After all, it’s easier to transfer heat into a cool pool of water than it is an already hot mass of air.

What’s more, using a geothermal heating and cooling system in Arizona can bring with it other benefits, including:

  • Heating and cooling your pool. Geothermal hybrid systems can be hooked to your pool, allowing you to supply warm water to your pool in those months when it is typically a little too chilly to swim. There are also options available that allow you to cool your pool in those months where the water may be too warm to swim.
  • Free hot water for home use. Domestic water is heated for free during months when air conditioner is in use.
  • Tax credits and financial assistance. Programs through the Arizona Public Service (APS) and Salt River Project (SRP) will help you pay for this advanced technology, and tax credits are available for Arizona geothermal hybrid equipment.

If you live in Arizona and geothermal heating and cooling seems like a good idea to you, give GeOasis a call. We have been developing, testing, and improving existing technologies for several years, and want to put our knowledge to use in your home. Call us anytime at (480) 339-6968 or submit the Free Home Analysis form at the right. We will even come to your home for a free analysis to help you determine if geothermal is the right choice for you.

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